Avoid the Cost of being a Ransomware Victim

Avoid the Cost of being a Ransomware Victim

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Hitachi Sunway has seen a dramatic rise of ransomware related issues. The sophisticated Crypto-Ransomware, which has both home and commercial users alike concerned. Like many other cyber threats, ransomware has become  increasingly complex and advanced over time – making prevention and protection more challenging.

Ransomware can enter an organization through many vectors; including via email spam, phishing attacks, or malicious web downloads. Like other high sophisticated threats, organizations are recommended to employ multiple layers of protection on the endpoint, gateway and mail servers for the highest level of protection against ransomware.

In collaboration with Trend Micro, this seminar uncovered what ransomware is, how it attacks and ways to protect yourself and your organization with practical advice from security experts.


Hitachi Sunway is a proud partner of Trend Micro who was recently named a Leader for End Point Protection Platform by Gartner.

Trend Micro's Endpoint Security Solutions:-

  • Protect against threats and secure data across every server, device, and application
  • Defend endpoints in cloud, hybrid, and physical environments
  • Deliver proven and next-gen advanced protection, as well as real-time threat intelligence
  • Simplify management with centralized visibility and control across networks, servers, and endpoints

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