Security Inspection

Security Inspection

Ensure asset integrity with rapid, installation-free asset and device scans, allowing for defense of air-gapped environments and improved supply chain security.

The OT zero trust-based malware inspection and cleanup tool that prevents insider threat and supply chain attacks

OT zero trust begins the moment a device enters your work site, be it for onboarding or in the hands of trusted personnel. Put a stop to insider threat and prevent supply chain attacks by flexibly securing integrity from the very beginning of the asset life cycle.

Even after onboarding, some endpoints – air-gapped and stand-alone assets – continue to require specialized protection. Many of them are highly sensitive and cannot accept installation or changes to their configurations. Portable Inspector provides all this with no installation required.

To eliminate the shadow OT, asset information will be collected during every scan and sent to the central management console where it’s easily reviewed and archived. All of Portable Inspector’s scans are centrally logged for easy reference, alongside the asset inventory it creates during scans that is, like the rest of its features, specifically designed to ease compliance with regulations.

Portable Inspector’s convenient USB form-factor is easy even for non-experts to use, with LED lights that show the inspection result after scanning either Windows or Linux devices. This installation-free device’s portability and user-friendliness are tailored to the fast-moving needs of ICS environments.