IoT Security

IoT Security

Having an IoT security strategy is an integral part of digital transformation and process automation for critical infrastructure companies.

The widespread use of internet of things devices creates unique IoT security challenges for traditional operational technology (OT), IT and cloud networks. Here’s why.

Built-in IoT Device Security is Minimal
IoT devices tend to have lightweight, stripped-down operating systems that lack the common security features of more robust assets.

Once Deployed, Most IoT Devices are Rarely Updated
This is particularly true of firmware, where many of the vulnerabilities lie. IoT devices may remain vulnerable to attacks that can easily be managed for other types of devices.

Connected IoT Environments Serve as Entry Points
IoT environments are frequently connected to business applications, data centers or IT infrastructure, and the cloud. That makes simple IoT devices easy targets for hackers to use for entry to the rest of the network.

Large Scale IoT Deployments are Harder to Segment
Large scale IoT deployments don’t easily lend themselves to the level of network segmentation needed to mitigate cyber threats, or prevent the spread of malware.