Hosiden Sets New Benchmark in Electronic Manufacturing with Hitachi Sunway

Hitachi Sunway’s implementation of Infor CloudSuite Industrial improves on-time delivery by 100 per cent for Malaysia-based Japanese electronics manufacturer

PETALING JAYA, NOVEMBER 17, 2016 --- Hitachi Sunway Information Systems Sdn. Bhd. (Hitachi Sunway), a leading one-stop IT services and solutions provider in ASEAN, today announced the successful implementation of Infor CloudSuite Industrial ERP Manufacturing software v9.0 for Hosiden Electronics Sdn Bhd (Hosiden). Hosiden is a Malaysia based Japanese manufacturer of electronic components such as remote control unit, medical devices and switches.

The new ERP implementation has immediately enabled new supply chain visibility across Hosiden’s operations, and improved their on-time delivery to customers by 100 percent, reducing the Stock-versus-Production rate from 2.0 to 1.0 (Note: Industry lowest is 0.95).

Osamu Itoh, the Managing Director of Hosiden, said “Simply by aligning supply with demand, this new on-premise Infor ERP system empowers us with never-seen-before visibility into our operations, improving supply and demand production that, in return, allows for better forecasting and inventory control. The system enables our team to make informed decisions, improving our purchasing and operational efficiency, which has led to a 90 percent increase in cycle-count accuracy and a 0.1 percent decrease in the returned goods rate.”

Hitachi Sunway recommended implementing Infor’s CloudSuite Industrial ERP manufacturing software v9.0, a solution suite that provides 24x7x365 access to core business systems and data via a reliable and secure environment. The solution is one of the most highly flexible, functionally comprehensive, ERP systems currently available for the manufacturing industry.

Cheah Kok Hoong, Group CEO and Director of Hitachi Sunway said, “When we first started working with Hosiden, we realised that the double data processing was hampering their operations. Hosiden wanted faster access to their company wide data while being able to maximize the integration of solutions into their overall operations. Now Hosiden is able to extend real-time data access globally.”

Jaganath Kandasamy, General Manager of Hosiden says, “Prior to engaging Hitachi Sunway, our solutions were not linked, and different sections of our operations had to separately reprocess the same data. This hampered the streamlining of Hosiden’s business processes. We chose Hitachi Sunway as they were not only reliable, but it took them only five months to complete the implementation, as promised. Their proven ERP implementation success in the manufacturing industry gave us the confidence to work with them. They were also cost competitive and provided us with reliable pre- and post-sales services.”

ERP solutions such as Infor CloudSuite help data-intensive manufacturers like Hosiden reduce their IT upgrade and maintenance costs, yet enjoy updated and securely managed ERP framework solutions. This frees much-needed capital for manufacturers to expand their business and focus on building their brand and differentiating themselves from their competitors.

Helen Masters, Infor Vice President & Managing Director, South Asia - ANZ & ASEAN, said, “Infor CloudSuite Industrial helps manufacturers run with maximum efficiency, reduce cost and loss, maintain global manufacturing standards, enhance visibility across different sections, improve their balance sheets and, most importantly, see quicker financial value from the implementation. Infor is proud to work with our Malaysian partner Hitachi Sunway to deliver value-add ERP solutions that enable Malaysian manufacturers to achieve further success.”

Infor CloudSuite Industrial includes solutions for finance, distributions, manufacturing, warehouse and production mobility applications such as handheld barcoders. Users are also able to maintain global visibility of their suppliers, customers and product innovation within a secure technology infrastructure.