Hitachi Sunway Creates Synergy by Integrating Sales Force

PETALING JAYA, October 1, 2020 --- Hitachi Sunway Information Systems (“Hitachi Sunway”) today announced sales force integration exercise to create synergy and accelerate business growth by working hand-in-glove with our customers as they adapt to the dynamic business landscape.

In this exercise, we will integrate the Sales, Pre-Sales and Marketing team in 3 business units – Applications, Engineering Solutions and Cloud, Security & Infrastructure Services. The objective is to put customers at the center of Hitachi Sunway and drive synergy of our team experiences and knowledge, while eliminating redundancies. 

Our integrated Sales, Pre-Sales and Marketing team in Malaysia and Indonesia (for Cloud, Security & Infrastructure Services team only) will be led by Joan Soh, Senior Vice President/Head - Customer Acquisition, reporting to Cheah Kok Hoong, Group CEO / Director of Hitachi Sunway - with effective October 1, 2020.  Joan is one of our pioneer staff, with more than 30 years’ experience in sales & marketing operations, business development and strategic alliances engagement.

Joan will be responsible to navigate the team to focus on our growing customers base, increase our ability to engage, better support and ultimately, open doors to foster stronger customer relationships. She is contactable at +6019-217 8783 and

“I am very enthusiastic about this role, as I see the collective strength of the team to provide our customers with value-added, end-to-end ICT solutions and services with simplified experience. We can align our offerings to varying customer needs, cultivate and strengthen customer relationships," said Joan.

"Creating a single Sales, Pre-Sales and Marketing team that speaks to customers in a unified voice, with an integrated offering and consultative, solutions-oriented approach, will undoubtedly help us better serve our customers' needs, and grow faster ourselves," said Cheah.

We thank you for your continuous support and your confidence in us. We are looking forward to the numerous benefits that we can all reap from this sales force integration. Shall you require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please do join us in wishing Joan the best for this new role assignment.

The Management

of Hitachi Sunway Information Systems