A Cloud Services Provider is NOT a Managed Services Provider (MSP)

A Cloud Services Provider is NOT a Managed Services Provider (MSP)

Business owners commonly choose Cloud Services Providers over MSP because the former appears to be a cheaper option. However, just because all your IT resources are being hosted by a Cloud Services Provider doesn't mean the provider will assist you with the managed services issues such as IT operations, cybersecurity threats, network connectivity, disaster recovery, etc

All MSPs are cloud services providers, but not every cloud services provider is a MSP.

Do you need a Cloud Services Providers or MSP?
Both give you access the cloud over a shared infrastructure.  But MSP represent a collaborative effort between service provider and customer by contributing expertise, technology and experience to help customers determine the best cloud resources with cybersecurity protection and IT operations improvement in mind. And, MSP helps to create a custom plan detailing the steps to build and run an optimized cloud environment.

Hitachi Sunway is not only a Systems Integrator, we are also a MSP.  We can help you to accelerate your digital transformation journey with enhanced security protection and optimized IT operations through:-

  • Our flexible and simplified hybrid cloud framework to reduce your ICT total cost of ownership.
  • Our 24x7x365 SOC monitoring and managed security with response services providing highest protection against cyber threats.
  • Our ITIL and ISO driven managed services offerings balancing between people, process & technology.