Strategies to Combat Data Leakage & Embrace Mobility

Connexions @ Nexus Bangsar South: 



Today’s worker now uses multiple personally-owned devices to access enterprise data. All of this capitalizes on the sweeping mobility trend for companies to provide today’s workforce with flexibility to work in any setting at any time. Unsurprisingly, security is the top concern for mobility. The risk of data leakage on mobile platforms is particularly acute. Some mobile devices are designed to share data in the cloud and have no general purpose file system for applications to share, increasing the potential for data to be easily duplicated between applications and moved between applications and the cloud.

Hitachi Sunway partnered by Symantec and VMware to share with executives  and heads of IT a new addition to the VMware End User Computing family – Airwatch. Executives were also given insight on security aspects and best practices when embarking on a enterprise mobility journey.