Solid Edge ST8 (Johor Bahru) : Design Without Boundaries

Solid Edge ST8 (Johor Bahru) : Design Without Boundaries

Meeting Room 1, Level 22 New • York • Hotel (Johor Bahru)

Are you facing difficulties in your business operations?

Wondering what is the solution to rise above your competitors?

Professional industrial manufacturers like you want to become more efficient, increase your profit margins and gain market share. Solid Edge Synchronous Technology 8 enables you to do just that by streamlining the design and manufacture process of new equipment so you can respond to the challenges in your market.

By speeding up product design with the most easy-to-use, efficient, and integrated 3D and 2D CAD software in the industry, Solid Edge helps manufacturers improve their design to deliver products faster, and at the right profit margin!

We are hosting the official launch event of Solid Edge ST8 right here in your country! At this event, you will learn how to:

  • Understand the present market trends and their implications on your product development
  • Leverage the engineering software technologies used by the best companies in your industry
  • Strengthen and improve your market position with Solid Edge ST8
  • Reduce design time and replace physical prototypes with virtual prototypes
  • Lower your manufacturing costs

In addition, you will also find out how Solid Edge is enhanced by our newest version of Synchronous Technology ST8.

  • Improvements to synchronous modelling usability, complex sketching and 3D feature recognition
  • Advancements in electrical routing supported by PMI persistence, intelligent wire path definition and accessible nail-board drawings.
  • Visual comparison of drawing versions, which helps you to quickly determine the impact of changes
  • The ability to run full Solid Edge design session anytime, anywhere on Microsoft® Surface™ Pro 3
  • Improved capabilities for design management, which enables users to understand all the data involved in complex design projects and complete engineering changes faster