Machine Learning and AI

Machine Learning and AI

The potential of RPA is vast, and when paired with AI it is almost limitless. That’s because robots don’t learn on their own. With AI, they are able to learn new skills.

AI- enhanced robots can read, write, listen, interpret, and make complex decisions. This helps companies automate more complex and cognitive processes which brings automation on a new level.

Robots are able to automate more with AI skills. What does an AI skill mean? 

  • ML model contains the “knowledge” your robot needs to obtain a new skill.
  • To enable robot, use this skill, you have to deploy the model in AI Fabric.

So, AI skill is a deployed ML model because once it’s done, you can easily use the skill in your workflow. Let us look at this process at a high level.


  • Seamless upload and deploy ML Models
  • OOB Models available
  • Drag-and-Drop directly to RPA Workflows
  • Version Control & Roll Backs
  • Secure, Highly Available & Scalable
  • Document Understanding models & more
  • Model Training / Continuous Learning
  • Training Data Management
  • Seamless Integration with Human-in-the-Loop