Hitachi Sunway_TopSolid'CAM

TopSolid'CAM is a totally integrated CAM solution for virtually any form of a modern machine tool.

Today’s manufacturing departments are faced with increasingly complex machining operations: fitting and fixtures need to be viewed in three-dimensions, furthermore, they have to be combined for milling and turning processes. Machine simulation, collision checking, spindle synchronization, raw part updating and visualisation of material removal are indispensable for tool path programming.


TopSolid'Cam at the heart of Industry 4.0

  • The integrated digital factory
  • Interoperability
  • Work environment
  • Machining
  • Optimize your production
  • Simulation
  • Flexibility and part evolution

Within TopSolid, the CAD and CAM solutions are parametric and associative.

  • Free and direct design in the TopSolid global system. 
  • TopSolid'Design - TopSolid'Mold - TopSolid'Progress - TopSolid'Electrode
  • Perfect integration between the design department and the process planning department.
  • TopSolid solutions are 100% compatible with each other
  • Associative and parametric
  • Easy to implement and flexible
  • Work in a secure and collaborative environment
  • Simple, modern and intuitive ergonomics