Hitachi Sunway_Top Solid Design

TopSolid’Design is a fully associative 3D CAD system for mechanical assemblies, industrial/product design and drafting.

  • Open and flexible CAD software
  • Fully integrated PDM
  • Unlimited CAD design
  • Intelligent components
  • Associative design
  • Simulation and verification
  • Automated production documents
  • Visualize your designs


Only available in:

  • Singapore

CAD Software with a Revolutionary Design

Open and Flexible CAD Software

  • Communication with most of the formats on the market 
  • Step, IGES, DXF/DWG, Solidworks, PTC, Catia
  • Point cloud import (xyz, pts, ply) from 3D scanners
  • Direct editing tools for imported geometries

Fully Integrated PDM

  • Integrated and transparent, making it easy to use
  • Improves collaboration between sites, teams, and people
  • Streamlines engineering and production processes
  • Reduces the risk of design and manufacturing errors
  • Manages minor/major revisions of all types of documents (part, assembly, etc.)
  • Manages data security and tracks changes
  • Manages products life cycles
  • Search by criteria, references, use cases
  • Deployable as a single user, in a local network or in a multisite

Unlimited CAD Design

  • Design your ideas in 3D without restriction, express your creativity
  • Hybrid solid/surface modeling tools
  • Dedicated mechanical features commands (drilling, grooving, pocketing, etc.)
  • Complete sheet metal module (flattening, bending loss rules, rolling with over-length...)
  • Integrated component libraries: ISO, AFNOR, DIN mechanical components
  • Integrated access to TraceParts and Cadenas
  • ISO GPS tolerancing, directly on the 3D model (MBD), or in 2D drawing

Intelligent Components

  • Store your company know-how
  • The most complete parameterization engine on the market, totally integrated and without programming
  • Unlimited fields of application (mechanical, sheetmetal, furnitures…)
  • Integrated machining processes.
  • Components are making their own operations, ready for manufacturing

 Associative Design

  • Save time on your modifications and avoid many errors
  • Bottom-Up Design, Top Down Design, In Place Design
  • Assembly design can be totally driven by a layout sketch
  • Any changes update all documents, from base sketch to final parts

Simulation and Verification

  • Articulate and simulate your 3D designs to anticipate problems and collisions
  • Collaborate easily with your teams by visualizing the operating principles of your designs
  • Kinematic chain of a design is totally independent from the structure of the assembly
  • Simulate kinematics and dynamics, analyze collisions between rigid groups and take measurements (speed, distance, etc.)

Automated Production Documents

  • Automation of repetitive and tedious tasks
  • Creation of standardized and dimensioned 2D drawings
  • Manage Exploded views and assembly instructions
  • Drawing Bundles (assembly of several drawings)
  • Cutting lists (profiles, sheets, screws...), supply lists, purchase lists...
  • Export in many formats (3D PDF, FBX, STEP, DXF, DWG,...)
  • Optimized cutting lists, using integrated extruded bar nesting

Visualize your Designs

  • A complete immersion for your customers.
  • Avoid misunderstandings and facilitate decision making
  • Fully integrated realistic rendering.
  • Real-time (working mode), and also raytraced to produce photorealistic images.
  • PBR materials (color, roughness, normal, metalness)
  • Integrate your design into a real photo