Desktop PCB Design Software

Price/Performance Single-Board Design

CADSTAR is Zuken's expert desktop PCB design solution. CADSTAR allows an intuitive and complete design flow for EDA engineers and designers alike, from the initial schematics and then PCB design to manufacturing output. It spans schematic capture, placement, routing, library creation and management, signal integrity and EMC analysis, along with the production of manufacturing data.

Fully-Featured CADSTAR Schematic Software

CADSTAR Schematics is a highly integrated front-end solution, providing a smooth and error-free transition (forward & back annotation) between schematics and PCB, easy to learn and use for both occasional and frequent engineers.

Key Benefits: 

  • Hierarchical design
  • Search & filter libraries
  • Intelligent signal busses
  • Intelligent PDF output
  • Re-use design
  • Intelligent PDF output
  • Component version control
  • Cross probing
  • Signal sheet references
  • Constraint driven (optional) - E-nets, diff.pairs, busses, skew groups, etc.
  • Auto connect
  • Variants (optional)
  • Placement Planner (optional)