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Tecnomatix : Smarter Manufacturing Productivity
Tecnomatix is the leading digital manufacturing solution based on technology, market share, industry experience and world-class customers served. Backed by Siemens’ leadership in delivery, with over five million Teamcenter users worldwide, Tecnomatix digital manufacturing solutions are built on the most widely deployed PLM solution in the marketplace.Tecnomatix Plant Simulation software enables the simulation and optimization of production systems and processes.

Main Benefits:
Plant Simulation

Tecnomatix® Plant Simulation software enables the simulation and optimization of production systems and processes. Using Plant Simulation, you can optimize material flow, resource utilization and logistics for all levels of plant planning from global production facilities, through local plants, to specific lines. Optimize system dimensions, including buffer sizes, reduce investment risks through early proof of concept.

Jack is a human modeling and simulation tool that enables you to improve the ergonomics of your product designs and to refine industrial tasks. Jack, and its optional toolkits, provides human-centered design tools for performing ergonomic analysis of virtual products and virtual work environments. Jack enables you to size your human models to match worker populations, as well as test your designs for multiple factors, including injury risk, user comfort, reachability, line of sight, energy expenditure, fatigue limits and other important human parameters.

FactoryCAD is a 3D layout application that gives you everything you need to create detailed, intelligent factory models. Instead of having to draw lines, arcs and circles, FactoryCAD allows you to work with “smart objects” that represent virtually all the resources used in a factory, from floor and overhead conveyors, mezzanines and cranes to material handling containers and operators. With these objects, you can “snap” together a layout model without wasting time drawing the equipment.

Process Simulate
Process Simulate is a digital manufacturing solution for manufacturing process verification in a 3D environment. Process Simulate is a major enabler of speed-to-market by allowing manufacturing organizations to virtually validate manufacturing concepts upfront – throughout the lifecycle of new product introductions. The ability to leverage 3D data of products and resources facilitates virtual validation, optimization and commissioning of complex manufacturing processes, resulting in faster launch and higher production quality.

Manufacturing Process Management
Teamcenter® software’s capabilities for manufacturing process management enable customers to collaboratively create, validate and optimize manufacturing plans concurrently with product design. By providing a common environment for multiple disciplines that share the same requirements, Teamcenter drastically improves lifecycle productivity between engineering, manufacturing and production. This reduces waste and increases decision value as information interrelationships are leveraged by a broader audience to arrive at better decisions in a shorter amount of time.

RobotExpert software enables the design, simulation, optimization and offline programming of robotic applications to maximize the speed, flexibility and operation of these automated systems. Featuring an intuitive 3D environment, the software combines the simplicity to optimize robotic paths and improve cycle times with the power to simulate virtual mockups of complete manufacturing cells and systems.

Tecnomatix® Robcad software enables the design, simulation, optimization, analysis and off-line programming of multi-device robotic and automated manufacturing processes in the context of product and production resources. It provides a concurrent engineering platform to optimize processes and calculate cycle times. With Robcad, you can design life-like, full-action mockups of complete manufacturing cells and systems. Robcad enables manufacturers to flawlessly introduce automated processes by allowing manufacturing engineers to virtually validate automation concepts upfront.