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Major SIer, Hitachi Systems, Tie Up with A Local Company to Challenge First Step to Be A Winner in The ASEAN Region
June 24, 2013
Tsuyoshi Kimura

Hitachi Systems join with an IT company under Sunway Group which is a major company in Malaysia this April, to establish Hitachi Sunway Information Systems to make the first advance to Malaysia. Hitachi Systems have a target of raising the overseas sales ratio to 10%. They’ve already developed their business in China, and they are now having an eye on ASEAN countries where they can expect high economic growth. They think 「Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia are indispensable. 」 (Mr. Saito/Chairman of Hitachi Sunway Information Systems), so they called out to Sunway which is a financial combine company in Malaysia. They started to negotiate from September 2011, and they’ve got 51% of investment ratio to establish the joint venture company. 「We were also offered to cooperate with another Japanese IT vendor.」(Mr. Cheah Kok Hoong/CEO). Why Sunway chose Hitachi Systems is because of 「Hitachi’s brand power」. They 「want to make Sunway Group IT business not only in Malaysia but also widely in the ASEAN region. To do so, Hitachi Brand will be effective. 」 (Mr. Cheah/CEO) Sunway also has a thought of 「cooperating with Hitachi which is the parent company of Hitachi Systems」(Mr. Cheah/CEO).

The most common target of Sunway and Hitachi Systems is to make a success widely in the ASEAN region. Mr. Cheah/CEO says 「 we’re going to strengthen our business in ASEAN countries starting from Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Philippines., and planning to conquer ASEAN region from Malaysia.