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Managed Internet Services

Hitachi Sunway provides Dedicated Internet Access down to customer premises to one whom seeking for premium internet route. The internet will be carried over a Fiber MetroEthernet infrastructure with setup ranging from single Telco design to multi Telco design to maintain SLA up to 99.98% to last mile.


  • Dedicated International + Domestic with no bandwidth contention ratio
  • Low Latency & Jitter to local and regional Internet Exchange
  • Direct Connectivity to Domestic and International Internet & International IX’s
  • Internet best route selection via multiple International IP Transit Providers
  • Telco Independent (Local Access can be subscribe from TM, Fiberail, Fibercomm, Maxis, etc)
  • DDoS protection at core network via upstream providers
  • Up to 99.99% network availability
  • Public IPv4 & IPv6 address offering


  • Dedicated 24 x 7 Business Internet NOC Support (Phone & Email)
  • Service Level Guarantee (SLG) from 99.5% - 99.99%
  • Service Level  Agreement (SLA) from 99.5% - 99.99% 
  • Premium IT Outsourcing for IT Infrastructure and IT Manpower.

Value Added Services

  • Managed Security Services
  • Managed Shared Firewall Services
  • Managed Network Infrastructure Services
  • DDoS Clean Pipe services to end user