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Data Center Assessment and Audit

Facilities Audit 
Facilities Audit service allow us to determine deficiencies and problems in any facility and to recommend proactive measures and facility upgrading before major disruptions happen. A detailed health check to the infrastructure will be performed to determine system availability and reliability.

We will also provide a comprehensive analysis of complete building electrical distribution system.

Audit for Existing Data Centers

  • Site inspection and survey
  • Technical review of the existing electrical distribution system
  • Reliability and availability analysis
  • Single point of failure analysis
  • Summary report 
  • Proposed Solution

Power Audit 
Power Audit Service allows for early detection and analysis of potential or existing power problems.

We use the high quality LEM TOPAS 1000 Power Analyser for power audit of the UPS and electrical system. This sensitive equipment is able to analyse the condition and quality of the input and output power and to detect even minor existing or potential problems within the electrical system. These problems can be rectified at the early stages before they trigger major faults so as to minimize potential damages. This Power Audit service enables a safe and optimum power condition for the smooth running of mission critical equipment. The protection of expensive mission critical equipment will lower the cost of operation and increase system availability.