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Consultancy to Obtain Uptime Institute Certifications

Uptime Institute is the only organization worldwide that Certifies Data Center designs and facilities to the Tier Classification System (I-IV). Tier Certification is an unbiased, third-party validation of the Tier level that applies to enterprise and managed service Data Centers. Tier Certifications have been awarded worldwide to corporations across all industries, governments, and universities.

Tier Certification recognizes organizational accomplishment—the Data Center capital investment will yield sustained uptime to support the business. Tier Certification assures upper management that the Data Center investment has been protected against the ‘loss’ of weaknesses in the Data Center infrastructure. This is the primary benefit to enterprise Data Centers.

Tier Certification also recognizes industry achievement—a competitive differentiator from self-certifications that are often misleading. Tier Certifications elevate a Data Center to a preeminent and highly visible position in the industry, facilitating client confidence. This is an additional, significant benefit to managed service Data Centers.

For all clients, the Data Center is Certified in terms of Tiers, the global language of Data Center performance. This allows recognition and comparison worldwide.

Tier Certification seamlessly incorporates into the project schedule. The two-phase process ensures that deficiencies in the design are identified and solved before operations commence.

Tier Certification Of Design Documents 

  • Our Professional Services team of consultants reviews 100% drawings in our offices.
  • Tier issues are documented without incurring travel time and expense
  • Tier deficiencies are delivered via PDF report
  • A successful review culminates with Uptime Institute awarding a letter and foil of Tier Certification of Design Documents
  • Proceed to Tier Certification of Constructed Facility or client may halt the process at this point.

Tier Certification Of Constructed Facility 

  • Our Professional Services team of consultants gathers data on site over multiple days in order to validate the facility’s Tier objective.
  • Consultants confirm that the facility was constructed as designed
  • Site functionality demonstrations are observed
  • The successful completion of the on-site review culminates with Uptime Institute awarding a letter, foil, and plaque of Tier Certification of Constructed Facility