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Quick Electrode Designer

Key Attributes:

  • Ease of use and the speed in which tasks can be completed.
  • Once the electrode design is completed, all process setup sheets are generated from pre-defined templates.
  • The wide array of highly automated features in Quick Electrode Designer is redefining the ways electrode is design and manufacture in NX.

Some Of The Key Benefits:

  • Low cost of ownership, ease of use and learn.
  • Reduction in electrode design and process documentation time, in many common circumstances of up to 60%.
  • Reduction in overall lead time and engineering reworks.
  • User friendly interface seamlessly integrated into NX.
  • Improvement in manpower resource utilization; a case of producing more with the same number of hours.
  • Elimination of manual NC program handling.
  • Facilitates more accurate cost planning and management.
  • Improvement in inter-department workflow; less work disruption.
  • Enhanced design automation reduces work stress; engineers are more focus on the job.