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Oracle Customer Experience and Relationship Management (CX Cloud)

Today’s empowered customer has access to more information, can engage with multiple sales channels, interacts with multiple devices, and shares experiences using social media. Recognizing the impact of today’s empowered customer is key to sustaining and growing your business.

The overall customer experience is more important than ever. To help your business thrive in today’s modern sales environment, Oracle offers a complete suite of Customer Experience applications and access to thought leaders in the sales field through the Modern Sales Experience conference.

The Oracle Customer Relationship Management (CX Cloud) suite is a comprehensive cloud solution that is tightly integrated and advanced. With preconfigured industry solutions and prebuilt cloud and on-premises integrations for Oracle Sales Cloud, you can get what you need when you need it, with minimal effort.

One of the Oracle Customer Relationship Management (CX Cloud) portfolio - Sales Cloud helps to reduce the time it takes to ramp up new reps to full productivity and provide highly qualified leads to engage. Use Sales Intelligence to take the intuition out of strategic decisions.

  • Sales Productivity: Introduce a structured selling process, integrating all customer touchpoints, helping new reps ramp up quickly and hit their quota.
  • Pipeline Generation: Pass sales highly nurtured leads at the point they need to engage. Provide sales with the tools to self prospect and understand exactly where they are in their buying journey.
  • Sales Intelligence: Truly understanding every aspect of the business and make important decisions based on intelligence rather than intuition.


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