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Converge Storage

> HP 3PAR StoreServ storage
     Really the only primary storage architecture necessary

> HP StoreOnce Backup
    Industry-leading high-speed and flexible disk backup / recovery

> HP StoreAll storage
    Ideal for hyper-scale storage management and use of archive content to expand

> HP StoreVirtual storage
Depending on the growth of business, and expansion from a virtual environment to a physical environment. Leverage a combination of platform - functions common, manageability, and excellent operability.

Backup, recovery, and archive

It will eliminate the boundaries of traditional data protection and retention.

> HP StoreOnce
Fast and flexible disk backup / recovery solution of industry-leading.

> HP StoreAll
It is the best hyper-scale storage management and utilization of the archive to expand

> HP StoreEver tape
    Long-term realized at low cost data protection.


Primary storage

Tier-1 corresponding to a new era in storage and entry storage

> HP 3PAR StoreServ storage
    In Tier-1 storage that is built on virtualization and ITaaS environments, the range spans up to midrange, enterprise, and to the all-flash array. Block, let's take advantage of the single flash architecture that supports file and object access. All HP 3PAR StoreServ 7440c which has been renewed is a fast, is an affordable price while to achieve enterprise-class features.

> HP StoreVirtual storage
   Flexible software Defaindo storage, in response to the virtualization needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, it can be extended without interrupting the system.

> HP MSA storage
The market leader in the entry-level storage

> HP StoreEasy storage
   Highly unstructured efficient and issues can be resolved in a simple associated with file storage safe and availability is a new type of storage.

> HP XP storage
    99.9999 percent reliability and mission-critical storage with advanced DR.

> HP disk enclosure
And at the same time to provide a low-cost direct-attached storage for HP Gen8 server, can be simplified to expand capacity, it is a flexible modular solution.


Software Defaindo storage

Abundant storage does not require feature dedicated hardware

> StoreVirtual VSA
     To achieve at a much lower cost of the features and performance of traditional SAN, it is a feature set of enterprise-class proven.

> StoreOnce VSA
     Quick, low-cost data protection with a backup with efficient and scalable to achieve without a dedicated hardware.

> Software Defaindo data center for management and orchestration
In the domain of both physical and virtual, you can freely manage all storage components.

HP Storage Network

Enhanced connectivity between storage and servers in the data center

> HP StoreFabric storage network
HP StoreFabric is, respond to any data center needs, provides a scalable and reliable high-performance storage infrastructure solutions.