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HP ProLiant Server Portfolio

  • Designing Compute to improve efficiency, speed, and value
  • HP is redefining compute economics by delivering more HP ProLiant compute and storage capacity, right-sized compute with flexible choices and lower compute energy and floor space consumption to meet the growing demands of business.

HP Integrity Server Portfolio

  • Unparalleled portfolio of resilient systems
  • When you need continuous business for your mission-critical environments, HP's Integrity servers deliver. The HP Integrity server portfolio's unparalleled resiliency, availability, and security empower your enterprise business to quickly adapt to changing conditions while maintaining core business processes and customer-facing interactions.
  • Enterprise systems for mission-critical environments
  • Over 70% of the world's Global 100 are powered by HP Integrity servers

HP Rack And Power Infrastructure (HP IT Infrastructure Products)

  • Efficient, intelligent, and modular data center infrastructure solutions
  • As your data center grows, power and cooling costs can continually grab an ever larger piece of your IT budget. HP helps you fight back with server infrastructure so smart that it automatically optimizes the use of space, power, and cooling.
  • Infrastructure solutions for core to the cloud
  • Minimize OPEX and maximize uptime with the least amount of effort

HP Server Management (HP Infrastructure Management)

  • Agile management for accelerating IT service delivery
  • Agile and fast. HP server management is designed to accelerate IT service delivery by simplifying, automating, and lowering the cost associated with server lifecycle management and support. The result—IT departments can unlock the full potential of their data center to
  • Fast configuration, provisioning and updates with a software-defined approach
  • Reduced unplanned downtime through proactive alerting and remote access