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Providing IT Services in Southeast Asia is Now Fully in Progress
September 1, 2013
Denpa Shinbun

Hitachi Systems (Shinagawa-Tokyo, Mr. Naoya Takahashi/President) is now getting up speed to contribute to companies, especially manufacturing companies based in Southeast Asia, to build and operate IT (Information Technology) system.

Hitachi Sunway Information Systems, the collaborate company of Hitachi Systems and Sunway Technology (IT company in Malaysia) established in April this year is taking a leading part to provide system support service or out-sourcing service to local subsidiaries of Japanese companies.

Sunway Technology already had more than 800 clients and had been providing IT support services to Japanese companies. The collaborate company has bases in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia, and got started on business in earnest.

“We can provide the service which combined the competitive cost and Hitachi quality”, said Mr. Masato Saito/Executive Officer.

The collaborate company has a lot of technical know-how to introduce Siemens PLM Software’s PLM System, Oracle’s ERP Packages for leading medium sized manufacturing companies, and Virtualization System. And they are also building security system or performing out-sourcing at their own company data-center.

Hitachi Systems has an advanced technology to build systems or perform out-sourcing by making full use of their data-center in Japan. By combining this technical know-how and Sunway’s know-how, they are solving IT system problems occurred to local subsidiaries of Japanese companies.

"We are currently developing the services menu which combined Hitachi's know-how and Sunway's know-how. We are developing the menu provide IT service to Japanese companies who is expanding their business in Southeast Asia", said Mr.Keigo Iechika/CSO of Hitachi Sunway Information Systems.

By the end of fiscal year 2013, they are going to strengthen the data-center base in Malaysia, and at the same time, expand and improve the security or Virtualization System products. They are going to getting up speed to provide IT services, like contribute to build ERP, an out-sourcing, and cloud service, especially those areas where they have their bases.

In addition, they are going to establish a subsidiary in Vietnam in fiscal year 2013, and also planning to “take Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos in our view to develop.”, said Mr. Saito.

Most of the Japanese companies now, the systems in their foreign bases and the systems in their Japan HQ are operated separately, so that there is a movement to optimize the global system. “By making a good use of Hitachi Systems Group’s base network and know-how, we can provide the system which is expanding globally, not only in Japan and Southeast Asia, by one-stop.”, said Mr. Saito.

They are planning to cooperate with Hitachi Asia and Hitachi Group to contribute to Japanese companies for their overseas expansion in the future.

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