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Hitachi Sunway Data Centre Services Shortlisted for DatacenterDynamics Asia Pacific Awards
August 27, 2015


DatacenterDynamics has published the shortlist of finalists for this year’s Pan-Asian Data Center Industry Awards. The winners will be announced on September 16 as part of Singapore Data Center Week. There are ten awards categories and the organizers received more than 80 entries from 12 Asian nations including Japan, China, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and Malaysia.

Hitachi Sunway Data Centre Services is shortlisted in the Energy Efficiency Improver’s Award category.

"Being shortlisted for the DatacenterDynamics Asia Pacific Awards is a testament to having achieved something truly spectacular in the realm of data center services" said Cheah Kok Hoong, Group CEO / Director of Hitachi Sunway Information Systems.

"Last year, we were one of the finalist for Innovation in Outsourcing category. And this year, we are shortlisted for a different category. All these means a lot to us as we continue to strive for excellence in delivering the best for our customers" said Billy Lee, CEO of Hitachi Sunway Data Centre Services.

About Energy Efficiency Improver’s Award
The current drive towards greater energy efficiency in the data center industry has put additional pressure on owners and operators to improve the performance of their existing facilities, in particular those facilities designed and fitted before power consumption became a critical issue.  This Award will be presented to the organisation that can demonstrate the success of any project to improve the energy efficiency of a single or group of facilities through a journey of measurement, bench-marking, analysis, recommendation and implementation to a verifiable outcome.

About Innovation In Outsourcing Award
This Award seeks to underline the importance of the cluster of services that constitute the outsourcing sector not just in offering space, facility or management options to clients but in advancing outsourcing services through the understanding of market business requirements, their ability to present the best business case for outsourcing and through the development of services that meet the expectations that clients have of outsourcing services.