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CEO 2018 New Year's Message
January 2, 2018

Another year in the books and thanks to all our key stakeholders continued support, Hitachi Sunway will be marking its 5th company anniversary this April.

2017 went by and brought along with it new spectrums of social and technological advances and conundrums; blockchains and the rise of cryptocurrency, cybersecurity and massive security failures, a connected world and “fake news” and many more areas that are keeping corporate leaders awake at night.  In reflection, leaders now have better conceptual access to technologies that will assist our business and society.

On the home front, we have made several senior appointments, in particular the appointment of IT industry veteran, Jocelyne Leonard Mak (Joey) as Chief Operating Officer (COO), Ralph Tay as Managing Director of Indochina and KF Chong as Senior Vice President – Enterprise Business.  Hitachi Sunway expanded our business territory in Indochina, covering Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos.  

In 2018, we want to transform our company to be a “service company” by supporting our customers digitalization journey.  Internet of Things (IoT), big data, cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are just tools, more importantly we have to decide the “Why”, before figuring out the “How” and putting in place the “What”.  

Hitachi Sunway will strive to provide “all in one experience” for our customers – from advising our customers on how best to use information technology (IT), identifying practical solutions to implementing the solution and providing on-going support for a more encompassing value that will make an impact on our customers business and drive focus on practical solutions that support customers digital transformation process.  We will offer IT advisory services; methods, tools & integration of PLM, ERP, MES and SCM required for a smart factory, secured cloud solutions, premium data centre facilities & services - supported by our holistic system integration capabilities.

It will not be easy.  But, we will put in the work needed to get there.  The team will live up to Hitachi Sunway’s values of Harmony, Integrity and Excellence, and will contribute to your success as we brave the New Year together.

We thank you for entrusting your business to us or considering us for the future.

Best Wishes,
Group CEO / Director