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Network Services

Hitachi Sunway provides Premium IP Transit Services. Customer with its own Autonomous System (AS) Number may opt for this option to have the same quality of internet we are having at its IP Core. We provide extensive customized routing for clients who have special low latency needs network to reach their destination in the world.

This is a commonly used network access that provides connection to our subscribers and businesses to a Wide Area Network via LAN cable of 1Mbps to 10Gbps. Our Metro-E capitalizes on scalability and flexibility of the Ethernet protocol to provide LAN access to address customer's accelerating need for data transfer.

Hitachi Sunway provides International Private Leased Circuit (IPLS), an international dedicated point-to-point leased line service to connect all our customers' premises around the globe, while providing a optimum platform for global private networks.

Hitachi Sunway IP VPN solution offers customers a secured layer 2/3 connection to various locations within the country, while adhering to your current network protocols and policy. This ensures privacy and secured communications for customer's business interaction.

Our Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) solution is simple, convenient and cost-effective that ensures businesses with a fully managed end-to-end networking service across multiple sites. MPLS gives our customers faster speed, flexibility, scalability with optimal traffic engineering.

Hitachi Sunway provides dedicated internet bandwidth from 1Mbps to 10 Gbps at our Data Center facilities. Customer may opt for a full Premium Internet route or pure domestic route to accommodate customer requirement. Our IP Core is engineered as such to meet customer demand which looking for specific router path to specific region around the world.

Hitachi Sunway provides Dedicated Internet Access down to customer premises to one whom seeking for premium internet route. The internet will be carried over a Fiber MetroEthernet infrastructure with setup ranging from single Telco design to multi Telco design to maintain SLA up to 99.98% to last mile.


Hitachi Sunway provides a wide range of access solutions for all our customer's business needs. Customer may choose multi type of access solution from MetroEthernet to DWDM for POP to POP between Kuala Lumpur - Cyberjaya - Singapore - Hong Kong - Middle East - Europe - USA.

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