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IT Outsourcing & Managed Services

Hitachi Sunway understands the need to help our customers manage their ICT environment while they focus on their core functions, with our outsourcing services. This service is cost effective and our customers are guaranteed a superior level of support and service with our Service Level Agreement (SLA) to deliver seamless IT tasks.

Hitachi Sunway provides on-site support which includes best practices to manage and operate customer's IT infrastructure, free up internal resources, reduce recruiting and training efforts while saving time and money.

We also provide troubleshooting services remotely and our consultants will manage customer's applications through continuous monitoring, performance tuning, problem resolution, maintenance and necessary upgrades.

Hitachi Sunway provides end-to-end Data Center services with maintenance of servers, storage, network equipment, structured cabling, UPS and other IT related infrastructure.

Hitachi Sunway provides professional relocation service for servers, network equipment and other ICT related equipment from existing locations to new locations using proper strategy and a structured approach to ensure a successful relocation.

Our Project Management will design, plan, oversee and managed both the internal and external logistic, IT vendor and end users as one force working on a common solution with good policy and well-defined project framework to help customer to migration complex IT system.

Hitachi Sunway provides application management and support for many customized application. Our consultants are trained and certified with our technology partners. 

Hitachi Sunway provides network, hardware and operating system managements. Our service includes bandwidth monitoring, network configuration, bug fixes, 24 x 7 services for SNMP monitoring, OS and application installation services. Effectively manage customer infrastructure i.e. act on the threshold alert triggered from either our monitoring system or Customers', action or response to the alert based on our ITIL process to ensure changes or implementation are risks analyzed, well documented. 

Other notable services include:

Hitachi Sunway provides monitoring of application, server, storage, network devices, UPS and Power Distribution Unit (PDU) remotely.

In today's ICT environment, virtualization technology is the norm where server environments can be split into multiple, isolated virtual servers that run its own individual OS to fully maximize computing power. Therefore, Hitachi Sunway has the capabilities to merge these technologies together to create a complete virtual Data Center. Our virtualization solutions are designed to work seamlessly, delivering applications to users while lower TCO with higher availability and easier maintenance.

Hitachi Sunway provides monitoring service, which is a 24x7x365 service whereby our NOC will monitor customers' equipment which includes network, server, storage and application monitoring. Reduce your engineer troubleshooting time by triggering an automated task when threshold is detected and improve proactive prevention on actual failure.

Hitachi Sunway provides database software installation and configuration, database administration, backup and recovery maintenance, database clustering, database replication and tuning of database.


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