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IT Infrastructure Management

Preventative Maintenance is key and a we provide a proactive approach to preventing major failures and downtime. Your equipment will last longer and perform better.

The mundane task of ensuring health of your IT equipments are time consuming yet necessary to ensure your investments go a longer way. Let Hitachi Sunway and our team of qualified experts help your organization’s systems and IT equipments run at its’ optimum level.

When an organization is looking for a way to cut expenditure costs, comply with server regulatory pressures and prevent server sprawl, server consolidation is the answer. While server consolidation can take a variety of forms, the typical method involves reducing the number of servers or server locations utilized within an organization's data centre.

We understand our customer's needs for timely renewal of maintenance and support for their ICT infrastructure. This managed service allows us to be our customer's single point of contact instead of dealing with multiple vendors and technology partners.

Our scope covers installation, implementation, remedial maintenance and support for host systems, client-server systems, web services, heterogeneous mix of proprietary and open standards hardware, operating systems, databases, application software and total network management.

With our alliances and partnership with global's leading technology providers, customers can be assured that our team are technically sound and certified to help manage our customer's complex ICT environment. Customers can leverage on our expertise for their range of projects from the basic hardware and software deployment to systems deployment and on-going operations.

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