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Data Center Services

Hitachi Sunway provides facilities management and maintenance management service for site infrastructure equipment in the Data Centers. This includes the setting up of Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Procedures for the Data Center and management of maintenance service for the Data Center. An overall technical support program will be developed to integrate the internal support and the vendors’ support to ensure performance of the critical equipment.

Hitachi Sunway designs and builds Data Centers for our clients using the latest technology and adopting the best industry methodologies and best practices to ensure that the infrastructure of Data Centers are well designed to meet their unique operational requirements.

Hitachi Sunway offers a comprehensive, flexible storage options that can address organizations storage management challenges including remote sites and Data Centers.

Hitachi Sunway provides all the necessary physical hardware and services required for our customers business that meets their hosting needs.

Hitachi Sunway also has an option for customers who require an open, empty Data Center space for lease with customizable power requirement. This option, commonly known as cage hosting, provides our customers flexibility in terms of power usage and space utilization.

Our Cyberjaya facility provides multiple redundant fiber backbone access with a wide range of public and private peering with local ISPs, International ISP link and Tier-1 Telco. Each fiber access has a ready capacity of 2Gbps and expandable to 10Gbps. With our range of upstream enabled providers, we are connected to the world's top ranked Tier 1 IP backbone and provide lowest latency intra-Asia connections.