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Data Center Consultancy

Uptime Institute is the only organization worldwide that Certifies Data Center designs and facilities to the Tier Classification System (I-IV). Tier Certification is an unbiased, third-party validation of the Tier level that applies to enterprise and managed service Data Centers. Tier Certifications have been awarded worldwide to corporations across all industries, governments, and universities.

Hitachi Sunway Data Center Project Management Services can help you reduce capital spending and project delivery time. Whether your project is as complex as implementing a new, emergency generator, backup power strategy or deploying a new, 'high-density', equipment zone into your existing computer room or as simple as deploying an IP-based, KVM system or replacing some access floor panels, we will carry out your project with the same level of professionalism we bring to every project.

The performance of your fire alarm and security system is critical to your building operation and to the safety and well-being of occupants. This sensitive, complex equipment requires ongoing inspections and maintenance for safety, and for compliance standards, and local building and fire codes. We can provide the expertise and support you need to maintain vitally important fire and security systems at peak performance.

As one of Malaysia’s leading Data Center solution providers, Hitachi Sunway is committed to being “Best in Class” and that is certainly evident in our approach to green initiatives. As a company, we feel it is our obligation to continually update ourselves with the latest advances in green building design and operation so as to lead by example. We know that the expectation of our company to be cleaner, more efficient and reduce waste is an ongoing journey, not a destination.

Hitachi Sunway provides comprehensive Data Center site selection services. Let our professional staff, which is intimately familiar with Data Center infrastructure and operations, provide you with a valuable analysis of your Data Center’s technical provisions. The traditional site selection process includes a detailed evaluation of project needs which are then measured against the merits of potential locations. The process typically includes selecting and evaluating communities, real estate site analysis and acquisition, and assistance with negotiations based on capital budgets.

Hitachi Sunway provides professional migration service for any electrical setup configuration, such as1 feed HT/LV to 2 feed HT/LV supply without break, using proper power migration methodology to ensure a successful switchover.

Hitachi Sunway designs and builds Data Centers for our clients using the latest technology and adopting the best industry methodologies and best practices to ensure that the infrastructure of Data Centers are well designed to meet their unique operational requirements.

Facilities Audit 
Facilities Audit service allow us to determine deficiencies and problems in any facility and to recommend proactive measures and facility upgrading before major disruptions happen. A detailed health check to the infrastructure will be performed to determine system availability and reliability.

We will also provide a comprehensive analysis of complete building electrical distribution system.

Audit for Existing Data Centers

We will assist customer in planning, coordinating with third party vendors like Building Management, Surveillance Provider, ISP Provider, and Hardware Providers to ensure the project is implemented in a controlled manner. To customer, you will only need to liaise with a single party – Hitachi Sunway on your infrastructure & Data Center aspect.