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Business Continuity Services


  • ACTIVATE your disaster recovery as and when you prefer.
  • TEST your replicated server at recovery site as and when you need.
  • UNCAPPED Internet bandwidth for your data replication utilization.
  • PROTECTION on Internet Bandwidth for the recovery site.

In Recovery as a Service, we provide the service items below in subscription based model:-

Our services are designed to meet the diverse needs of Data Centers and remote sites. We would provide safekeeping for our customer's tapes and made available in the event of disaster. Customers will be able to access their data anytime, anywhere to minimize the effects of downtime. With this service, customer can recover their data quickly and easily through this managed service.

Disaster Recovery Exercising service helps to ensure that business operations are restored and required service levels (RTO, RPO) are met following an actual crisis or a disaster. Carrying out a DR exercise provides valuable input into risk assessments and service level management initiatives from business continuity and disaster recovery standpoint.

We provide our customers in need, an area of workspace that is conducive and productive work environment. With this service, customers can expect a range of options from physical, virtual and mobile work areas for their business continuity plans.

We offer a range of comprehensive, flexible recovery options tailored to meet our customer's specific technical and business requirements for all levels of complexity.

We provide our technical know-how to develop and maintain plans that will minimize the impact of any data loss within the organization's critical business functions. We provide comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date business recovery plans to safeguard our customer's organization data. Our plans can assist our customers in managing their crisis within a structured manner from preparation to responding and recovering from any potential identified risks.

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