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Hitachi Sunway Information Systems




Established in April 2013, Hitachi Sunway Information Systems is a joint venture (JV) company of Hitachi Systems, Ltd. and Sunway Technology - to provide IT services in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Hitachi Sunway Information Systems At A Glance

  • Its core business areas include applications, engineering solutions and infrastructure & managed services.
  • Established partnerships with leading global technology provider such as Siemens, Spring Technologies, Oracle, Netsuite, VMware, Trend Micro, NetApp, Symantec, Dell, Commvault and Citrix.
  • More than 800+ customers, and our list of clientele come from various industries, namely Insurance & Financial Services, Automotive, Manufacturing & Distribution, and Construction & Engineering.
  • Headquarter in Malaysia, we also have offices in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines & Vietnam.


Board of Director - Hitachi Sunway Information Systems

Masato Saito
Chairman & Director

Masato Saito is the Chairman & Director for Hitachi Sunway Information Systems Sdn Bhd (HSIS), and he is also the Executive Officer and Group Executive of Global Business Group of Hitachi Systems, Ltd. responsible for global business strategy/development of the company.

Saito-san has extensive experience in strategic product planning and development of various software for enterprise computing and also for the global business planning, the strategic alliances and the global sales operations of various information systems, including data storages, servers, ATMs, telecom equipment and software products in Hitachi Ltd.

He has worked as Chief Strategy Officer of Hitachi ID Systems, Inc., software company develop and market enterprise identity management software located in Canada, before joining Hitachi Systems, Ltd. in 2011.

Saito-san holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Waseda University in Japan and a Master's Degree in Computer and Information Science from the University of Pennsylvania.


Board of Director - Hitachi Sunway Information Systems

Cheah Kok Hoong
Group CEO & Director

Cheah Kok Hoong is Group CEO & Director for Hitachi Sunway Information Systems Sdn Bhd (HSIS). In this role, Cheah is responsible for the entire HSIS operations in Southeast Asia, leading the growth and support of three core HSIS business lines being a) applications b) engineering solutions, and c) infrastructure & managed services. Cheah leads the company in business planning and strategy development, customer care, and all of HSIS' strategic alliances and channels partner across the region.

The other major working professional positions that he carries include being the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Sunway Group, and Deputy Chairman for both The National ICT Association of Malaysia (PIKOM) and Outsourcing Malaysia.

Cheah has over 20 years of experience and principle expertise spanning across business strategy and process re-engineering, industry development and services globalization, policy development, IT strategic planning, regional operations and support across both manufacturing and services sectors. He is actively involved in the country's IT industry developments - by propagating the advancement of the overall IT capabilities and resources within the said markets.

As the Chairman of PIKOM’s Human Capital Revamp Committee, Cheah also actively leads and manages a variety of initiatives aimed at creating the next-generation of knowledge-enabled talent in the country. He is a former member of the Siemens PLM Asia Pacific Partner Advisory Council (apPAC). In 2010, he was conferred the PIKOM’s CIO Excellence Award for his outstanding leadership and instrumental in the adoption of ICT in the Sunway Group.

Academically, Cheah holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Physics from Campbell University, USA.


Board of Director - Hitachi Sunway Information Systems

Keigo Iechika
Chief Strategy Officer & Director

Keigo Iechika is the Chief Strategy Officer & Director for Hitachi Sunway Information Systems Sdn Bhd (HSIS). Iechika-san is responsible for supporting and overseeing HSIS business developments in Asia Pacific. He works closely with the HSIS’ leadership team to focus on performance and accountability as the business looks to increase its market position in SEA and contributing to HISYS’ Global Business Division. He also serves as the liaison officer to foster good working relationships between HSIS and Sunway Group of Companies with the Hitachi Group of Companies.

Iechika-san started his career with the Hitachi Group of Companies in 1982. Over the years, he has gained vast experiences in various sectors including business development, product marketing, international business strategy, sales support and IT project management. Prior to HISYS’ Global Business Unit, Iechika-san was the General Manager of Sales Support and Marketing for Storage in Hitachi Ltd. He was responsible for the division’s business development and manages over 580 members under the division.

Iechika-san had also worked in Product Marketing for Hitachi Data Systems in the USA during the 90s. His primary work scope covered marketing strategy planning for mid-size Redundant Array of Inexpensive Drives (RAID) storage products, HP OEM business support in HP facility and Oracle 8i Appliance project management. He holds a Bachelor in Applied Physics from the Hokkaido University.


Board of Director - Hitachi Sunway Information Systems

Kazuyoshi Shiiki

Kazuyoshi Shiiki is a Director for Hitachi Sunway Information Systems (HSIS). He performs his duty as a Board of Director overseeing of all financial management aspects of HSIS’ businesses and operations in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Currently, he is also the Manager of Accounting Department for Industrial & Distribution Systems Services Group of Hitachi Systems., Ltd.

Shiiki-san has over 22years of working experiences with Hitachi Groups of Companies in regional accounting and finance operations, budget planning, cost accounting for software/industry and financial performance management. Back in 1990, he joined Hitachi Electronics Services Co. Ltd and started his career in Accounting.

Academically, he holds a Bachelor of Degree from Kanagawa University, Japan.


Board of Director - Hitachi Sunway Information Systems

Evan Cheah

Evan Cheah is a Director for Hitachi Sunway Information Systems (HSIS).

He graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and Business System. Evan started his career in the Corporate Finance division of Sunway Group. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer for Sunway Group in China and is responsible for the China Corporate Office as well as the development of new business opportunities in China for Sunway Group.

Evan has assumed positions in the Trading, Construction and Group Finance divisions of Sunway Group with roles in investment analysis and due diligence, corporate finance, management accounting and group procurement. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst Charter holder, a Certified Practicing Accountant and a Member of Malaysian Institute of Accountants.

In May 2013, Evan has undertaken an additional role as the Executive Director in President’s Office to assist the President in overseeing three business divisions – Trading & Manufacturing, Building Materials and Quarry divisions.

Executive Management

Career - Hitachi Sunway Information Systems

Hitachi Sunway Information Systems executives and business unit management develop and implement key strategies responsible for managing the operations and profitability of the organization.

Group CEO / Director

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) / Director

Senior Vice President – Applications Division

Senior Vice President – Engineering Solutions Division

Senior Vice President – Infrastructure & Managed Services Division

Senior Vice President – Business Development Division

Acting CFO

Group IT Head

Group HR & Admin Head

Group Marcom Head