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Integrating Cutting-Edge Technologies & Extensive Services to Become a One-Stop ICT Solutions Provider

A Frost & Sullivan Case Study
Globally, organisations that are optimizing their internal processes recognize the value of shared services or outsourcing models to achieve operational excellence and consistent user experience. By outsourcing non-core activities, companies now have the opportunity to focus more on value-added aspects of their business such as R&D, innovation and branding, while relying on experts in the field to manage the non-core areas. Based on Frost & Sullivan estimates, the global shared services and outsourcing (now known as Global Business Services) market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.5% to reach US$625 billion by 2017.

Malaysia is emerging as a prominent player in the area of Global Business Services (GBS). Backed by strong government support, the booming sector has significant advantages to drive the industry further by attracting investments, and evolving to become a regional hub. This will help global companies consolidate their non-core operations and rationalise costs.

“Hitachi Sunway is gaining popularity as a Data Centre service provider since its establishment. While the company possesses superior technical expertise and vast IT services portfolio, together with the Sunway branding and its clientele, it aims to establish itself as a leading ICT services provider in Southeast Asia.”

Read the Frost & Sullivan Case Study HERE.

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